Crossfit’s Community and Capital Infusion

Independence, freedom, grueling workouts and crushing lifts.

Crossfit has become the buzzword for the workout community in the last few years. If you haven’t tried it, I say work out for about three months on a regular schedule to your max ability, then consider giving it a try. You may get to see Pukey the Clown when you go.

The news that a private investment firm is negotiating partial ownership of CrossFit prompts important questions about the future of this model for both fitness and philanthropy. The contentious divorce underway between CrossFit Founder and CEO Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai Glassman has led to a pending deal between Lauren Jenai Glassman and Anthos Capital for her share of CrossFit. The future of CrossFit’s corporate ownership — and by extension, the survival of its affiliate business model — is pending the decision of an Arizona divorce court. With CrossFit’s meteoric growth from just 500 “boxes” in 2008 to over 4,500 today, and momentum gaining, this news comes at a pivotal time for the grassroots fitness movement.

Love this quote: “The open source community model promotes creativity, innovation, and best practices. Greg Glassman notes that “Franchises lack a diversity of approach, and if I try to get everyone moving in lockstep, I get everyone moving towards mediocrity. Because we have a Darwinian/free-market approach to the affiliates, best practices arise at a breathtaking rate.” Since CrossFit is so collaborative, the affiliates share their insights, evidence and experiences with the larger virtual CrossFit community through CrossFit’s main website and the CrossFit Journal.”

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