We Are All Weird – Seth Godin [Book Review]

We Are All Weird – Seth Godin

I love Seth’s simple approach to writing books.  Not being too wordy or over the top with stories to fill space.

Weird gives one the solid reminder that the world is changing around us.  Standard is no longer good enough for the masses, we’ve begun to all look for customized.  As information exchange increases, Globalization continues and Currency balances world-wide, we’ll begin to see more and faster changes occurring all around us.  Seth gives you a decision to make early:

Decision to make:

1. Create, market-to, embrace weird or fight, normal and status quo?
2. Are you confident enough to encourage right, joyful and useful or follow the system?
Should we make our own choices or let others make them?

Basic Premise of Weird

Seth’s basic premise in Weird is:  The choice to push all toward a universal normal to sell more junk to masses is inefficient and wrong.
Human beings prefer to organize into tribes, groups that define normal.
Opportunity today:
– Support Weird.
– Sell Weird.
– Become Weird.

Find my Evernote Notes Here.

You can buy the book by clicking on my affiliate link below.  The Kindle version is only $2.99 today.

Sidenote: Seth only printed 100k hardcover copies of the book, to continue making his book “Weirder.”

We Are All Weird

Seth Godin

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