13 Lifechngr Principles: Change is the only constant

Changes occur. Nothing you can do to prevent it.  You can’t stop it.  Only thing you can control is your own reaction to change. Lifechngr set out to draw up thirteen principles to handle change.  Ways to deal with the automatic change that’s occurring in your life right now.

Lifechngrs include: Growing up, leaving college, entering the business world, dating a potential mate, getting engaged or married; Starting a family.  Lifechngrs can be: Climbing a mountain, participating in grueling competition, pushing boundaries, testing limits or just learning more about all there is in this wonderful creation.

You’re either in a season of change or moving into one.  Here’s some lessons I’ve learned in seasons along the way.  Learning to love thorns, because everyone loves roses.  Change is the only constant.

You can manage this season of change well by learning these 13 principles:

  1. Invest Deeply.
  2. Model Humility.
  3. Make Decisions.
  4. Engage Discipline.
  5. Use Vision.
  6. Everything is a Test.
  7. Find Faith.
  8. Be Kind.
  9. Have an Opinion.
  10. Stay Curious.
  11. Think the best.
  12. Find a Mentor.
  13. Be a Traveler. 
Anything you’d add to these principles?
What’s the biggest change in your life so far?

2 thoughts on “13 Lifechngr Principles: Change is the only constant

  1. I love all of these 13 principles. Off the top of my head, I would add only one: Persevere. The biggest change in my life has been a test of perseverance. In almost anything you do in life, if you want to separate yourself from the above average person, then follow your 13 principles and persevere. Sometimes you just have to gut it out. Possibly, I’m just rephrasing your #6 principle: Everything is a test. More than that, if you want to pass every test, you must persevere more than the rest. (I think I’ll tweet that 🙂

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