Principle One: Invest Deeply

Throw in.

Stop putting one foot in the water.  Stop sticking your hand in to test the temperature and not getting in.  Go ahead.  Take a small risk and jump.  The fear is definitely greater than the failure.  Stop making excuses, stop allowing perfectionism to impinge on the act of doing.  Get to the act of doing.  Take risks.

Press on.  Keep going.

Find little ways to love people.  Invest in every conversation that you have each day.  Learn names.  Make people feel like they matter to you or actually care about them.  Don’t go at it alone, learn to invest deeply.

Everyone has 12 people they know intently, 100 they know decently and 1000 who know their name.  You get to choose how you invest there.  Some people cycle through friends like dirty underwear.

I was placed at a decision point after college, I knew many people decently but few people well.  A mile wide and an inch deep.  There was a day that I decided to take a few guys and invest deeply.  To throw in with them.  To commit to go through the good, the bad and the ugly with them.  You’ve got a choice at this moment.  You can move on to the next group, or you can stick.  I’d suggest you stick.

You’ll have to work on conflict resolution.  Not the fight or flight style, but in the, “Hey, we’re seeing this- and you need to work on it”- style.  Or a “Hey, I love you enough to tell ya ___.”  Have tough conversations early and often.

Over five to six years, you’ll see good, bad and ugly together.  You’ll see hard seasons.  You’ll have a hard time loving each other, your friends will have a hard time loving you.  You’ll not talk for periods of time, you’ll reconcile.  There’s something to investing deeply there though.  There’s something to intentionally loving people for the things that are the hardest to love.  There’s something to acknowledging your own warts, we’ve all got them.  Warts, being spots that we know we suck, where we’re either stuck in our own behavior or bad understanding of how things operate- places you need to do some work.  Then you’ll help each other operate around these warts, learn to use those weaknesses as strengths and learn to be better in the meantime.

Collectively as a group, and individually as operators, but you’ve got to press on and always keep going.

Love One Another.

This Investing Deeply reveals to a broken world how we love one another.  How we love one another, displays to the rest of the world a greater message.  John 13.34-35

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