Do The Work – Steven Pressfield

Do the Work

Absolutely loved this book. The simplicity, the message, the genius. Love the simple methodology to make things happen. Ways to produce. To SHIP.

Loved the definition of resistance and steps to battle it.

One of my favorite reads in the last six months.  I definitely recommend reading this book.

Real Quick, here are my major take-a-ways:
If you want to make things happen line them out with a Beginning, Middle and End. Start with a title and when you know what you want to do, provide a theme. Start with the end. Then the beginning and middle. Finally Theme and Title. Any project can be sketched out on one page of yellow legal paper. Your outline could look like:


Then Get ready to battle the Dragon of Resistance. Know before you go, and get ready to fight. The pros press through. Even if you fail, it just proves you have places to improve and growth will ensue.

To your journey, my friends.

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