Never Underestimate a Mountain #Rainier

So we all made it back.  Positive #1.

If you will allow me, let me start with the take-a-ways.  I have three big take-a-ways.  Lessons learned, by not bagging this summit:

1. Never underestimate a mountain.

2. Learn to pack light.

3. Know your gear.

The attempt to climb Mount Rainier was one of the toughest things I’ve ever done in my life.  We started at Paradise basecamp, at 5400 feet, and over the next 4.1 miles you rise 4800 feet in elevation to Camp Muir at 10,200 ft.

Anything over 1000 ft elevation in 1 mile is a legit steep hike.  Which for me is literally like being on a stair stepper for 6+ hours with 50+ pounds on your back.

We had some interesting weather patterns coming in and it appeared the only way for us to get to the summit was to attempt to climb up hours after getting up to Muir.  So we made camp, dinner and took a nap.  The guys woke at 1am and left from camp around 2:20 am, roped up and ready.  I got ready to go, but I was more than exhausted at Muir.  I worried that I would be the weak link, had they the energy to get to the summit.  I decided to pass this time on the attempt at the summit in the hopes the team would make it to the Summit.

They made a valiant effort, and got up to 12,500 feet.  We have some beautiful pictures and we all have some great stories.   I enjoyed everything about this trip, from training with the guys on early Saturday mornings to hiking up a mountain of snow and ice.  Most of all, I enjoy the lessons you learn from a trip like this.

Mo got some great pics with ELoerke, of, using her GoPro HD.  Legit camera!!!

What’s the hardest mountain you’ve climbed?

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