Mt. Rainier – headed to 14,410 #Lifechngr

Rainier Gear Check

I signed up for this Rainier Trip back early in the spring.  Been multiple months of training carrying 50 lbs. on my back for many trips.  We’re all stoked to be headed to Seattle tomorrow morning.  

Also about 24-48 hours before I leave for trips like this,  I start wondering, “What the HECK did I sign up for?”  The experts say some fear is proper.  A little fear makes your head clearer, drives your focus and makes you work with excellence.  No mistakes.

Just before we head out tomorrow morning for Rainier, with Lejon Boudreaux, Allen Hankins and Mo Sadjapour, I thought I’d share a pic of most of the gear.  Many thanks to Cody Bandars, Greg Goodin, Allen Hankins, Mo and Lejon Boudreaux for all you guys did to share your gear, time, help and providing for me to have the gear to make this trip.  You guys rock.

Rainier Snacks

Geared up, here’s the snacks I’m hauling.  Most of this has been opened, put in smaller packages.  4 MRE’s, 2 dinners, 2 breakfasts and snacks for the days and lunches.

Totally stoked to be embarking on this journey.  Praying God would guide this trip, lend us a hand when necessary.

Stoked to summit Rainier with these stellar fellas.  Stoked to climb the highest peak in the lower 48.  Mount Rainier

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