Principle 3: Make Decisions

WebCam Pic of Mt. Rainier This Week.

Analysis of Paralysis

Too many choices, no decisions.  Analysis of paralysis is a situation where you just can’t decide.  You don’t know what’s right, or as my friend Jonathan Pokluda said, “It’s not right or wrong, it’s right or left.”

With the complex decisions you are required to make these days, it is important to research and find the necessary information to make a good decision. Do the work.

You are given a wealth of information at your fingertips in Search-ie. Google. and Social Media – ie. Facebook and Twitter.  Use it.   Research, answer questions, ask questions, search for answers before asking anyone around you.  Be the one that does the work and finds the answer.

In speed dating, a person who met 8 people is more likely to get a date then the person that meets 20.

When consumers were given a choice between 24 Jams or 6 Jams, they were 10x more likely to buy in the 6 Jam situation.

Simplify your decision down to a few good options.  Weigh the pros and cons and MOVE.

Crucial Decisions

The ability to make decisions is crucial.  In our environment of transition and change, you must be able to make informed decisions quicker and with more accuracy as each day passes.

Which brings us to social proof.  Many times what one uses to do determine what is correct is what others use to determine what’s correct.  We view correct behavior in a situation to the degree we see others performing it.  You can swim with the stream or against it.  If you’re using social proof, you’re definitely swimming with the stream.  You don’t determine the value, you don’t weigh the pros and cons, you simply look at those around you and decide.  Tough way to view the world with so many irrational decisions being made.

My question winds up “What’s your standard?”  By what principles are you deciding upon this action?

You could turn to the Bible the Word of God for direction, there’s a ton of direction there.

“The best evidence of what people truly feel and believe comes less from their words then from their deeds.”  Influence, Robert Caldiani

Decision Dilemma

You should purpose to be someone who makes decisions.  Decisive action inspires leadership and people want to follow a decisive leader.  Take a step in a direction and go.  Many times people don’t want to change.  They know they need to change, they see what they need to do, they just won’t do it.

The world doesn’t always want what you want.  You want to change others, but they get a vote.  You can cajole, influence, inspire and motivate.  But some would rather lose a job or keep drinking then change.
Here’s the framework:  Direct the rider, motivate the elephant, shape the path. – Via Switch
Here’s what happens when you make decisions.  You get asked to run a marathon, jump out of a plane or climb a mountain… You say Yes.  And then you have to do it.  We’re a couple weeks out from a Mt. Rainier summit, which is the 30th highest peak in North America.  I’m super excited and super scared, same time.
These things end up changing your life and making you inclined to make more decisions.  These decisions make you inclined to drive toward more goals and greater decisions.  You get plugged into a bunch of guys who are decison makers and dynamic individuals who drive toward goals and crush them as a hobby.   I’ve got to say I’m proud to be climbing a 14k mountain with guys like Lejon Boudreaux, Allen Hankins and Mo Sadjapour.  Innovators and elite decision makers in their own right.
Good luck in your decision making and pray for us.
Decision – Summit Mt. Rainier 2011.
Any advice?  Input, suggestions?

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