Principle 5: Use Vision

Vision Sets the Path

Vision sets the path.  Vision defines the pitch of the journey.  If drawn on a graph, vision is the slope at which the line goes out.  You must define that vision, you must state your work ethic, your drive, your determination and your discipline.
Practically, when I set vision, I play the end game.  I stretch the activity out to infinity, whatever it is, and see where it leads.  Be it working out, running and ending up at 65 with burnt out knees, but healthy or taking pills or drinking to end up in rehab after a lifestyle is formed.  Vision can set you on a good path if you let it.

Nike Vision

Lolly Daskal wrote a sweet article on corporate vision about Nike.  Phil Knight’s vision was to start a company dedicated to winning back in 1964.  Nike is now the premiere sporting good brand on the market.
Setting a path towards greatness begins with vision.  A seeing into what could be, not looking only at what is.   From Lolly’s Blog:

Here are some questions you can ask yourself when creating your companies vision:

  • What kind of company do we want to create?
  • What contribution would we make?
  • How would our services, products bring value to others?
  • How would our people work together?
  • What values would we embody?

When a company has a clear vision for the business, they are creating a picture of the future. They can then work backwards, identifying priorities and what needs to be done to actualize the end result.

Vision can be making something simple bigger, scaling.  Vision can be taking something big and making it simpler, simplifying.  People appreciate scale and simplicity.  There’s a genius to WalMart and a blessedness to possessing nothing.
Vision is fractal theory.

Fractal Theory

A fractal oversimplified is basically the theory that a simple task, carried out to infinity becomes a complex task.  In fractals, we search for the simple process underneath a complex structure.  You can take systems apart, or put systems back together again.  Vision is seeing that it can happen and you can be there along the way.
Fractals teach you something big when you begin to see systems and inefficiencies, and then understand that those inefficiencies probably carry from industry to industry and person to person.

Faith grants vision.

I often pray, “Give us eyes to see and ears to hear and a heart to understand.”  Oswald Sanders says in his book Spiritual Leadership, “Eyes that look are common, eyes that see are rare… Vision includes optimism and hope.”
Here’s the truth.  God calls things that are not as though they were.  He calls sinners to righteousness, His righteousness.  Romans 1:16-17
The Vision is to see that there is something bigger going on here.
My vision: You can change.  Your circumstances do not define you.  Your life is called by the Creator of this Universe to be an agent of change and impact in this world; Corporately, Personally and in Community.  My vision is that you would do it.  Or that you would do SOMETHING to move in that direction.  My vision is that you wouldn’t do it alone.  You’re not alone.  “For none of us lives for ourselves alone, none of us dies for ourselves alone.” Romans 14:7  Don’t go at it alone.
I believe your vision can be found in community where, you find where you fit, by giving yourself you find yourself.

What’s your vision?

Leave a comment, facebook or tweet.  Always love to hear your thoughts.

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