Where would you invest $10,000 Today?

What would you do if you had $10,000 today?

Would you put it in the bank?  Invest in a bank maybe?  Something that’s been around for over a hundred years, a secure stock, a guaranteed return?

Would you put it in a fledgling tech company?  Stifling market struggles, design problems, limited market-share, unknowable possibilities?

If this were 2002, and you had invested in Lehman Brothers you would have $14.86 today.  Had you chosen to invest in Apple, you would have $341,000 today.  Which was the wise choice?  Who made the best decision?  (Thanks @Jpokluda for the story.)

Who among you is discerning, or wise in this matter?   What do you believe in?  Take a macro look.  It’s always a risk/reward play.  More or less of one or the other.

Where’s it going?  What are you investing in?   Where are the best returns with the least amount of risk?  What’s your mission?  Goals?  Strategy?  Risk-tolerance?

Where would you invest $10,000 today? Leave a comment, love to hear it.

(Btw, The Kingdom of God is offering 100x returns for the rest of eternity.) Matthew 19.29

2 thoughts on “Where would you invest $10,000 Today?

  1. If I had a disposable $10K, I would invest in branding and marketing myself. I would work to gain name recognition to attain power and influence in the future. I’m thinking specifically about high political office, so advertising my character&conduct with consistency over the the long term.

    But hey, that’s just me.

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