Principle 6: Everything Is a Test.

Friday Night Lights

We must carry this in our hearts,
That it can be taken from us,
We will be tested.
We will be tested to our very souls.
We will all be tested.
It is in these times,
it is this pain that
Allows us to look
inside of ourselves.
-Friday Night Lights

I heard this last night as I began watching FNL. The night before I had written what follows. Boy, I miss the game. I was bitter for years when it was over. It was like my dog had been runover and my girlfriend left me. In a season of suffering, if you could call it that, a season of refining, I think God shows up the most. Those times, when I fell on my knees and truly prayed, I’m not talking about praying for meals or thankful for friends. I’m talking a pleading to the Lord, God of the Universe, who is above all and controls all things. Those times are where I’ve known God who is there, Jehovah Shammah.

Everything Is a Test.

This world is full of questions and conundrums, it is all a test. We can let molehills turn into mountains by our response to the test. You can hide, run, delay, push or punt. You can run at it full bore like a bull in a china shop. Either way you are going to have to learn to have the conversation. I believe hashing through the difficult is divine.

Knowing God is the solution to all tests. You can get locked up in details, indulge in the drudgery, find a way to patch the problem or you can seek out the single solution to all problems which is found in knowing God. God has not failed to reveal himself. He has done this clearly. He spoke to this world through the gift of the Bible, and gave us His word. Made it known since the dawn of creation, a word. The building of the foundations of this world occurred through a word of God. God said, “Let there be light.” and there WAS light. He spoke it into being. Upon His word the sun, moon and stars came into being, life was structured through His word, in man- Adam. Granted Adam a partner suitable to him, Eve. They lived with Him, in His presence for a bit until they screwed up. They did the one thing they were told not to do. Eat a fruit.

Since then we have run from the conversation. We hid. We hide today. The test today is will you know Him? Will you have the conversation that deals with the reality of the situation or will you hide, run, delay, push or punt? He saves sinners, He deals honestly, 100% Truth and Grace. He calls things that are not as though they were. You can keep running into that wall, but I guarantee one day that wall will be Him. It’s a beautiful “bottom” but a painful experience for your humanity.

The ask

Ask Him to reveal himself to you. Dangerous spot, because everything you’ve hid is laid bare before the Creator of this world. He himself is the one who knows all. Nothing is hidden from Him.

Kick and scream, turn on those you love, accuse, blame and hide or face the fact that He is God. He’s designed you to be in relationship. Learning from the word. Living in openness with others, not living alone in isolation. Obeying His Spirit that He has placed deep in the well of your consciousness. Light of this truth begins to dawn, and you are subjected to the greatness and awesomeness of God. He himself came in the image of sinful man, a servant nonetheless, to reveal his greatest truth. That God saves Sinners, by His will and grace, and by nothing of you. Maybe your faith or fruit or something, but really, what’s that in comparison? He saves for His glory in the name of Love.

Freely He gives all men the ability to know Him, by His doing, for your better. God is for you. He loves you. He begins to open your eyes to His best for you Your work becomes His work. Your love becomes strangely His work. You are granted the right of sonship. To his call to his nature to set this as light to your journey and move with this truth in mind. I think this is where faith and fruit begin to come in, and remind you, faith is from God and If God is for you who can be against you?

The test is to know Him in the grind of this world today. Have that conversation today.

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