Emmy Training Day [with Melissa McCarthy and Joel McHale] -“You Feel Nothing.” Video

Anyone who’s ever seriously trained or even acted. Hilarious. Worth your time.
In training for our adventure to climb Mount Rainier, I’m reminded of crazy times of training in my life. Two-a-days, Summer Camps, life dedicated to making yourself better at one thing. Especially with the part, “You feel nothing.”
Something about training, taught me to feel nothing. I used to say, “Pain is temporary, Glory is forever.” Literally, I believed that I was a man because I could stand stoic through many pains.
It wasn’t until five years later that I realized that manliness might just be embracing feeling. To today, I still stand stoic as long as possible to prove my worth.
God somehow, by His grace, brought me back to feeling. To a place, where I could still stand the pain. But to be able to also say, That hurts. I think that’s the sign of true manhood.

What are you feeling today?

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