Let it Rain – Thought on a Stormy Day

神奈川沖浪裏 Kanagawa oki nami ura ("The Great ...

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Sometimes God lets the storms rage and whispers, “Trust me.”   Other times God wakes up, rebukes the storm and calms the seas.  Mark 4:35-41

Storms Rolling In

My wife and I watched a summer squall roll in over the metroplex last week.  We were set in a state of awe as the power of the wind swayed trees and rattled roofs.  The lightening cracked and shut off electricity on our block and set off alarms.


I used to pray against rain as a child.  I wanted to play baseball or to ride the rides at Wet N Wild.  I think it was mostly a selfish play to get the most out of childhood.

Today rain reminds me of the blessing of God to his people.  He provides his creatures and creation the supply of water, sustenance.  I think it is a silent reminder that He has never left us alone.  He is there longing for you to know Him.


But God in his mercy allows rain to fall on the just and the unjust.  Matthew 5:44-45  Sometimes in the midst of a hard season He sends gentle reminders of his power, might and control so that all will come to know Him by name.  Rain was a good thing back in the old days, growing crops and blessing nations by the yield of crops and harvest.  Rain also threw a few good people off a mighty fine boat or two. ie. Jonah, Paul and nearly timid disciples.  However, Christ rebuked the storm and the seas are calmed.   Elijah was a man just like us, he prayed it would not rain and it did not.  Then Elijah prayed it would rain, and it did.  James 5:17

Next time it rains, just remember, He’s there, Longing for you to know Him.

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