Frustrated Skateboard Fail

Failure is not an option.

Why do we like to watch people fail?  I’d venture to say it’s because you can relate.
Two different types of failure, Moral and Natural failure.  1.) Moral failure. Sin.  Not ok, God loves you where you’re at, but he loves you enough not to leave you there.  He wants the best for you, he’s a good God, and in obedience to Him, you will find freedom, life and liberty.  2.) Natural failure.  This is like me, trying out for chorus in the 9th grade, of 99 people that made chorus that year, I was the one that failed.
Or the time I tried to chase down Santana Moss on a reverse at Miami.  FAIL.

Failure is a reality.

Outside of Christ, we have zero examples of leaders that did not fail.  From Abraham, to Isaac, to Jacob, and Joseph, to David, Solomon, Peter, Paul, and others. We see guys who struggled, and God picked them up, and decided to use them for His purposes.

Failure is not an option, it’s a reality.

Know Christ.

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