Focus and Purpose- Clear, Precise Decision Making- Le Mans

Video via Diego Rodriguez

Fascinating story-telling in this video from Audi.

All parts working together for one purpose with absolute trust.

Finding that moment.

Nothing like it.  For some reason I’ve only found this in intense athletic competition or endurance activity.  Football, Mountain-Climbing,  Heavy training for a crazy activity.   It’s only for a moment, or maybe a short period of time, but it’s a moment where I’m completely engulfed in the minute, using every bit of my being striving for something excellent in an intensely focused situation.


I used to have this in the days of college ball. Practice, workouts and games were times where I crossed that line and nothing else mattered except excelling in that moment. I have looked for it ever since.  Any other spots you’ve found this type of focus?

Love to hear your thoughts, leave a comment below.

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