Three Types of Customers For Social Media and BIG

Google Search homepage

Google Search Homepage - via Wikipedia

You don’t know everything.

Yesterday we talked about the new environment, where everybody could know everything.

Here’s the deal, Customers don’t all know everything.

Today we discuss three types of Customers for Social Media.

Make note:  There is a big difference between the customer who knows how to Google and the customer who doesn’t.

Those that know and those that don’t.

My contention is there are three types of Customers:

1. Those that know what they need and know how to do it.

2. Customers that have figured out what they need to do, but don’t know how.

3. Finally the customer that doesn’t know they need it.

I feel like this also has transformed the sales model.  I believe who you know and what you know matter as much or more than who knows you.   This new customer model is moving profit toward the middle class through those who know how to connect those channels.  Learn to search.  There is a world of knowledge at your fingertips.

How that comes about?

It’s up to YOU.

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