Three Things to Do on an IRRegular Schedule.

Stop and Smell the Flowers, Be Thankful, Do For Others

Life today is not a guided line-by-line, item-by-item crossing off the list activity.

Today we multitask at incredible levels.  I sit here writing a blog entry, while calling a customer for payment, while tweeting and checking email all at the same time.

There are three things you MUST schedule for yourself:

1. See how far you’ve come.

Set a regular time for you to evaluate yourself.  Take a moment, grasp your present position and see how far you’ve come.  Remember to recognize the journey and smell the flowers.  I find if I don’t stop to smell the flowers, I get lost in the pollen and dust in the air, and miss the beauty of it all.  Do this EVERY TWO WEEKS.

2. Be thankful.

I set a reminder in my outlook to be thankful on Mondays.  Mondays generally suck.  They suck for many people, however I find that when I remind myself to be thankful, my heart all the sudden changes to a glimmer of hope and a tinge of a smile.  I know God’s got me- for this I am ever thankful. Do this EVERY WEEK.

3. Do for Others.

I find I become increasingly self-involved.  As my issues elevate, they become more distressful and complicated.  My issues become about me and somehow multiply.  However, if I intentionally set out each day to do something for someone else, the pitch of my life changes.  I begin to look for ways to serve and not to be served.  I look for ways to love and inspire hope, instead of dreariness.  I start to give, and not take.  Do this EVERY DAY.

Oh, and one final thought:

Do Celebrate Victories.

Remember to allow yourself some space to celebrate.  Maybe even schedule it?  A workout, a dance, a walk, a piece of cake.  Something.  Allow yourself to celebrate when you win.  Relish the moments of winning, just don’t imitate Charlie Sheen.  Losing is tough, down times happen.  On the daily, we can look down and celebrate crossing an item off the To-Do list or crushing a task.

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Many blessings and thanks for reading today!!!

One thought on “Three Things to Do on an IRRegular Schedule.

  1. Loved this post, especially point number two. I have so much to be thankful for and it’s good to stop and praise the author of all good things- not his gifts but how he withholds no good thing from me.

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