Principle 10: Stay Curious. (Servant-Based Leadership)

Stay Curious

Fundamentalists, consider whether a fact is true first.  Where a curious person, explores before he gives an answer.  The model is broke.  Any human model is broken.  It will work for a season, take you to a desired goal for a bit, but at the end of the day broken.

Servant-Based Leadership

The only way to stay moving, relevant, real is to desire to understand, to try, push towards helping people.  Servant-Leadership somehow always stays humble and curious.  As all the people around you begin to build you up, you continue to serve.  I met with a guy who promoted Servant-Based Leadership as the number two quality of his firm yesterday, and I have to admit, I am inspired.

Fail Blog

One of the greatest phenomena I’ve seen in the last couple years is the success of a simple website called Fail Blog.  Why?  Because we like to see others fail.  We like to see the human side of things.  We laugh, yes, but we relate.

We are all failures.  We are too prideful to admit.  We hide the tough side.  We don’t show the grit sometimes, but at some point, you can put yourself in that situation and laugh.

Staying humble allows you to go at mistakes with confidence.  Try new, bold and adventurous things.  Because, if “Perfect love drives out fear.” then, what have you to fear?   Definitely not failure.


A novel idea.  Education brings us to the point of knowing.  The true education is when you know that you don’t know.  You know that you have more to learn every day.

As I entered my MBA at SMU, I sat next to Doctors and Engineers and lifetime education people.  The type that curate museums and write textbooks on the stuff I blog about.  Sitting next to those people literally caused me to not speak up in class.  I rarely answered a question, unless called on, but I learned, FINALLY, to listen.  To hear what they were saying, to understand the question of the educated and to help.  I learned I don’t know everything.  I also learned that compassion and humility might be the greatest – most lacking – qualities in leadership today.

We all want to relate.  You have a wonderful quality in you, it is that you are unique and made for a purpose bigger than yourself.  The problem is that you might have to get rid of yourself to serve it.

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