6 Word Lifechngr Contest – Winner Winner Chicken Dinner –

6 Word Contest Winners

Congratulations My Friends!  LOVE FRIDAYS with #WINNING happening all around!!!  Royal Weddings, Lifechngr’s happening on a GLOBAL SCALE today.

We had some great entries into the Lifechngr 6 word contest!!!

We promised some Ninja Prizes.  Both of you guys get a super sweet:

$15 iTunes gift card

You can NOW jam to the new KarminMusic or Beyonce or Patrick Ryan Clark EP.

James won for writing our favorite 6 Word Lifechngr:

Life through Death. Free at last.

James, In addition to the giftcard, if you’ll go to NinjaTees.com and pick the shirt of your choice.  Email me with your selection, we’ll send that to you right away along with the iTunes Gift Certificate you see above.


HAPPY FRIDAY MY FRIENDS!!!  More coming soon!!!  I love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, input, direction.  Feel Free to drop comments.

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