Who Are You Listening To?

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Quick Story, Great Lesson

Sitting in Starbucks, little work, little internet, little coffee . . .  All of the sudden, this nice lady invades my space, about the age of 60, interesting indeed. She sets down about eight bags of items and a satchel.

We exchange a nice hello, how are you?  What’s new?

She proceeds to grant me some wisdom, some advice on life, saying she bills at $1k an hour and speaks to giants.  She proceeds to pull laminated pictures out of her satchel of her and Governor Rick Perry, pictures of her offices in Dubai and otherwise.  All in all, a very chance encounter, with an interesting lady.  She went on to tell me her story of being brought out of the ghetto by Mr. Zale, the diamond dealer, Zales and her adventures since.  Nonetheless, she left me with a great question.

Who are you listening to?

Who are you listening to?  It seems simple, but indeed a bit more complicated when you look at the overabundance of information provided on the internet.  News floods and bombardment from Social Media cloud your hearing ability.  With so many voices, which ones do you want to allow to speak into your life?  Which ones matter?  You may never read this blog again, I wouldn’t blame you.  But she said, who are you listening to?  Who are you letting speak into your life?  What advice are you taking?  Who are you asking to advise your life?

I sat and thought.  Great advice, what do I do now?  Produce your own application.

When I left I called three great friends, two people I admire and two that intimidated me to call.  I think this will be my policy.  I had a few thrilling conversations, I’m extremely grateful for the push. Cool moment, cool enough to instill a new policy.  I will choose who I listen to.

Three Call Policy

1. Call three people a day in your network.  Friends (Not the same three everyday.)

2. Call two people a day, that you appreciate and let them know that you appreciate them.

3. Call two that scare the hell out of you to call, two you don’t know or that are not an easy conversation.

Reach out.  Don’t stay in your safe bubble.  Network.  Reach out.  People love a touch.  I love a touch.  Just to hear from an old friend, or an encouraging word, or from someone seeking a good word from me.  I’m happy to provide it, and I pray you will be as well.

Who are you listening to?

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