Influencers – Change the World

INFLUENCERS TRAILER from R+I creative on Vimeo.

Conform Vs. Influence

Conforming is something special.

People who conform, God bless you, I do not understand.  There is a place for conforming, definitely.  Getting in line is ok, at times.  Obedience and the ability to conform has been a slow learn, but I’ve had to learn through the years.  Rebellion is not always best.  Rebellion can harm you.  But, rebellion is the definition of influence.

Regardless, influencers have a different way of thinking.  They step out and define the way.  Even if the way is an old way rebranded;  Influencers evaluate the way, decide the vision, set the path, and motivate people to go with them.

Milton Glaser designing I<3NY.

Jay Z rebranding a Yankee hat.

And Fashion? What is Fashion? Style is something out there, but rarely defined.

For good or bad, influencers change your way of thinking.  Even if I could, I don’t know if I want to be a complete conformist.  Yet, every day I comform.  I think the example and the aspiration is an influencer.

Following the influence of the one that influences.

Where Does Influence Occur?

Influence occurs in random places where people assemble based on passion, These influencing places are places where things happen; SXSW, Bonaroo, TED. (I want to go to there…)  As Penny Lane says in Almost Famous, places where, “It’s all happening.”

One Last Thing

“When you get to where you are, you must identify younger talent, and help them out.  Mentor them.”

“Influence is relative.”

“Cool stuff, is when people aren’t looking at you, who you are.  That’s cool.”

Touch points are becoming everywhere, great information is paramount.  Influence is beginning from creation.

To see who the Influencers and Icons will be in this new era, I think we’ve got to wait and see.

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