Filters and Framework




Filters help brew a wonderful cup of coffee.  Taking the ground beans, running hot water over them and blending the mix into a nice cup o’ joe.  With people, your filters make up the way you look at life.  You take in information, blend it with what knowledge, experience and background you have then create output.

Filters help you respond to situations, help you learn and help you grow.  Filters can also cause you to misinterpret, to lose understanding and to look bad.  Some people call this judgment.  These people say, let us drop all our judgments and we will be better people.  I would reply, let us stop all our logic and continue burning our hand on the stove.  I don’t believe it is right to drop all judgments or to continue burning your hand on the stove.  There must be a medium brew here.

Filters teach us how to respond in situations.  Situations teach us to respond using filters, with logic.

Filters + Logic

If I press button A, then I will get A. If button B, then B and so on. Classical conditioning logic, Pavlov’s dog, right.  Press the button, get the prize.  Ring the bell, time for food.

The problem is this world is not in line with your logic system.  Yes there are principles, yes there are pillars this world was laid on.  Laws of gravity, propulsion, business and otherwise.  Problem with people is, if I press A, I may not get A.  I many get Z or C or D, because of their filters, preferences, desires and otherwise.

Filters + Framework

Decisions fall in line with a person’s filters and framework.  What a person chooses to do falls much more in line with what a person has been taught and who they are as a person.

Framework looks like:

– Experience

– Personality

– Birth order

– Generations

– Preference

We could also talk about your Myers Briggs, your Color, your type of Animal, your Bird and more.

Discover these about a person, you will begin to find out how they make decisions.  However, pressing A will rarely result in A.  Remember, they’re doing the best they can with what they know how.

And speaking of filters, I had a clover Kona coffee the other day.  The machine is brilliant.  Clover is a type of coffee, basically brewed individually in an inverted french press made by Stanford engineers.  Clover treats a cup of joe like we should treat each other- Personalized Grounds, Great Filters, Framework and Grace.

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