Perception vs. Reality- “People do the best they can with what they know how.”



“Perception is reality.”

To some degree, I agree.  Then I see someone fly off the rail after a simple glass breaks or going “berzerker” for seemingly spilled milk.  I know a fella who threw a can through a car’s window that had just cut him off in traffic, impaling the driver and giving him a moment of relief.  I’d say these stories are not as abmormal as they should be in today’s culture.

The issue at hand is: We need to rewrite our filters.  Your perception may simply be what you heard filtered through your past, your family, your filters and your rulebook today.  The reality is that you probably do not understand until you ask multiple clarifying questions.

Principle:  People do the best they can with what they know how. Meaning learn to give the benefit of the doubt. After giving the benefit of the doubt, teach them – how.

A few quick steps to understand: repeat a nugget from what you hear, ask for clarification, draw a nugget out, seek a third party’s input, ask a friend for his ear – For an outside opinion, a fresh set of ears can always enhance an opinion.

Allow yourself room to be wrong, but also allow others room to be right.

Get Beyond Filters

There is definitely Truth.  There are definitely filters. Learn to get beyond the filters and the muck in communication, open your heart to differences and listen to the motivation.

Perception may not be reality.

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