Over-Arching Principles – Goalsetting for 2011


Each year I lay out goals for the year, I group in five categories from Spiritual to Social.  This year I lined out these four Pillars to be my overarching principles.  Rules I hope would drive through all five categories and be lived out in my life.

1. KISS- Keep It Simple Stupid.

Plans become complicated when too many things get brought into the picture.  Keep emails to five sentences.  Don’t fill the silence with chatter.  Learn the discipline of enough.  Know when to stop painting.  Gospel is simple.

2. Hope in God.

We have nothing if no hope in God.  You can hope in yourself, others or you can hope in this world, the end is in itself.  Find Hope in God.

3. Practice Fearlessness.

Perfect love drives out fear. I John 4:18 – If perfect love drives out this fear, and you know perfect love, then you have no need to fear anything.  That thing you fear, is what’s holding you back from love.  Find it, isolate it and destroy it.  Try new things.  Try the hard thing. Embrace awkward.  Own the moment.

4. The World Rules, Christians Serve. – Bonheoffer

Bombarded with my selfishness, I am learning slowly to serve.  Not by big steps or joining some model non-profit, but daily, intently at home- in the grind.  Doing a dish, taking out the trash, something simple- learn to serve.

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