JayZ on Success

“You can have success.”

Success is not a one time thing.  Mentioned almost as a giving away of the desire for success or a moment in one’s life where success is attained.  Success.

Success is not doing one thing well, lest you fall into an Icarus Paradox.  Success is a lifetime of learning, growth and innovation.  Embracing change, for it’s the only constant.  Removing of a life of fear and learning to live.

Success is a Journey that Begins Right Now

Success is not the moment you win the medal, the day you graduate or the trip down the aisle.  Success is a journey that begins now. Where are you going?  What’s it going to take?  Does success even matter?  Does the cost matter?  Success may cost you everything.

Keep Learning.

Go somewhere.  Take the first step today.  And keep learning.

All the masters are rarely masters, they keep learning.

(While you’re at on your way to success, check out JayZ’s new website lifeandtimes.com.  Legit web material from a music mogul.  Impressive.)

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