2K Twitter Followers in 2 Months

Ryan Laughlin, CEO/Founder Votermind.com

Ryan Laughlin, @ryanlaughlin, has created a following on Twitter in the last few months.  About 2k followers in a little over two months, besides being founder of a legit political website votermind.com, and changing the world of uninformed politics to informed politics.
Here are a few of the rules he’s followed for his follower success.
Please comment at the bottom.  We’d love to hear your twitter trick!

Ryan, What’s the trick?

It’s a mix of a bunch of stuff. I’m just kind of learning as I go, so I’ll try to write this down as best I can. I find that my follower count increases when I follow all the below criteria:
(1) I post stuff that interests me.
(2) I follow people who have similar interests.
(2) I follow only if they have a profile pic and a bio.
(3) They must follow me as well.
(4) I unfollow people who don’t follow me after a couple of days — even famous people.
(5) If a famous person does not follow me back, and I’m still interested in their tweets, then I’ll unfollow them, then add them to one of my lists. This way I can ‘follow’ famous people by not really following them. Doing this will improve your Following-to-Follower ratio.
(6) I keep my Following-to-Follower ratio below 100% — don’t follow more than you have followers — so that people who visit my profile will see that I might be interesting to follow — just based on this ratio.
(7) I follow people who have a good Following-to-Follower ratio of ~ less than 125%.
(8) I follow people who Reply or Retweet consistently (even if it’s once every couple of days) because this means they might retweet or reply to my stuff.
(9) I unfollow people who haven’t posted in more than 2 months because it does no good to follow them.
(10) If your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blog and all other social networks point to each other, then you’re giving yourself the greatest opportunity for others outside of your network to see when those inside your network comment on your stuff. The result? Those peeps might follow you in due time.
(11) I schedule most of my tweets (via Hootsuite) so that it seems I’m active, engaged, and consistent.

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