The Seventh Imperative. Poke the Box – Godin

Finished Poke the Box this weekend, Seth Godin’s new book about starting, innovating and going.  The book starts with this quote, “Your job isn’t to catch up to the status quo, your job is to reinvent the status quo.” Godin

The image is the cover of the book, I wanted the picture of the guy because the guy is an image to display that forward motion is the key to success and risk is misunderstood.

If you’ve got something in your head you’ve been thinking about for some time, talking to your friends about wanting to do.  Do it.  Stop limiting yourself.  Finding erroneous conclusions and making yourself out to be something you’re not.

You are made by a wonderful creator to come into this world and imitate him.  Ephesians 5.1 Go here, do this.  Create.

Loved the book, it’s a quick read and well worth your time.  I appreciate the inspiration.

Oh, almost forgot, the seventh imperative.  The seventh imperative is to have the guts and the passion to ship.  Shipping means finishing, putting your project out there. Make it happen.  The chutzpah, the gonads, the Humph.

Find it and go.  Poke the box.

Purchase the book with my affiliate link here.

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