Apple launches the iPad 2 along with Jobs artistic updates.

iPad 2 arrives March 11, buy in stores starting at 5:00 PM. Find a Store.  I’m in line already!!!  Here’s the highlights:

As the iPad 2 was introduced today, Steve was back on stage.  With “Amazing Products,” telling the world about 100M iPhones shipping and bookstores, but all we really care about is the iPad 2 release.  The 2 is thinner then the iPhone 4, comes in black and white.  With the Gyroscope added and super fast.  Front and back cameras.

No USB, no flash news, but it does have a 1GHz Dual Core processor.

Touch instruments built-in, like a grand piano, with sensitivity to touch.

Accelerometer that tells how hard you’re pressing.

Photo Booth, updates.

Pricing is still the same, $499 and it will be available March 11.

Personal hotspot for all iPhones in iOS 4.3!!!!

$4.99  iMovie updates, similar to the iPhone but with voiceover and sweet sound effect additions.

Garageband, compatible with Mac. With a platform for all people to learn music. 

Inspiring.  The way they sell.  “The covers are sweet and the chip upgrade is big.” said Ashley Phillips.

Robert Scoble said on twitter “It is in Apple’s DNA that technology alone is not enough.” Matched with humanities it makes our hearts sing. Banging against competitors.” 

That’s a LIFECHNGR!!!

Here’s the full listing of the live blog.

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